Excellent presentation. Lewis is really interesting and he knows his business.

Found the presentation very interesting, eye opening for things not totally aware of. Very well explained.
–Retired Business Owner

The presentation was great and I learned a lot and I enjoyed myself greatly.

The presentation was very informative. The atmosphere was really friendly. Looking forward to our first private one on one.

Heard a lot of things we didn’t know about. Looking forward to meeting with you.

Liked everything! I would definitely want to learn more.

Informative! My curiosity is peaked!
–Business owner

Learnt how my agent has taken advantage of sales and purchases without my consent, written or otherwise.

I appreciated it – found most interesting and relevant – direct, plain English, open, timely, personal, friendly – loved the visual examples. Thank you for the lecture and fabulous evening.
–Business owner

Excellent presentation, not too fast and not too slow.

Very informative, listened to you on the radio for a long time. Sorry I didn’t call sooner, miss many opportunities.
–Business owner

Good tips – knowledge shared in a non-forceful manner.
–Business owner

Very informative, a lot of numbers to digest. Most investment avenues I was not aware of. Red flag for me.

I really appreciated the no-pressure sell attitude. I must admit I was a little overwhelmed by how much I really don’t know about my money, but felt a sense of reassurance that Lewis is willing to take baby steps with me.
–Business Analyst

Learned something new that makes me ask a lot of important questions.

This made me consider that I am not necessarily doing all I can to maximize my finances.

Very informative, lots of good ideas.

Clear presentation that makes a lot of sense.

Brought up points that warrant reflection and a serious look at.

Informative and well presented.

Knowledgeable presenter, inspired confidence.