Corporate Executives

Your future deserves the same time and energy that's devoted to your business.

You didn’t just wake up one day and find yourself in the Executive role that you are in. You made a decision a long time ago that your driven nature and work ethic deserved to find its way to the top of the food chain – not with a sense of entitlement, but with gratitude. You’ve set goals for yourself that eclipse the highest of standards allowing you to develop your life plans and evolve into the person who you are today. To achieve this success you’ve had to barter your most valuable resource – your time, spending what little extra you have with your family and friends. Your efforts have successfully secured the financial wellbeing for yourself and your family - unless of course, you are building upon a foundation riddled with cracks.

Being fee sensitive and tax efficient are paramount to creating and protecting wealth and while you dedicate your time to your work and family, you need to know with certainty that your financial structure is secure. Our made-to-measure Rosen Group financial plans for corporate executives are unique in that we have taken strategies that for years were only being used by successful business owners and remodeled them so that you can benefit from them as well. We will show how you could be using your fully taxable assets to fund a non-taxable stream of income later in life, when you need it the most.

Tax, estate & retirement planning have never been so personalized before and you simply work way too hard to forgo this necessity. Here’s my commitment to you: without any cost or commitment we will leave no stone unturned in analyzing and building your tailored financial plan. We will hand our recommendations to you in black and white giving you time to fully absorb how much more efficient your structure is about to become.

We understand the challenges you face and can provide you with the personal and corporate decision-making guidance you need.