Client Testimonials

We have been with our Investment Advisor, Lewis Rosen of Raymond James for the past seven years. We are extremely pleased with Mr. Rosen’s services. He meets with us regularly to review our financial status and if warranted, advises investment changes for the benefit of increasing our portfolio. Mr. Rosen is readily available to listen and act upon whatever concerns we may have. We have done well and continue to do so under his well-informed investment knowledge and guidance. We endorse without question, the honest and professional manner in which he conducts himself, for the benefit of each of his clients.
–Frank B.
Retired Principal

Lewis Rosen and his team have been managing my finances for more than 8 years. The service has been impeccable. Lewis is always ready to discuss every aspect of the investment and provides information in a clear, straight-forward fashion. I prefer my input to be minimal and therefore place great trust in my adviser. I have been thoroughly satisfied in this regards, not only with the friendliness and efficient service, but also with the bottom line.
–Dr. Joe Schwarcz
Director, Office for Science and Society
McGIll University
Cote St. Luc

My transfer of assets to Raymond James is like a jump from the juniors to the major league. Nothing like enjoying life knowing that my assets are managed “turn key” by a group of professional in every possible win-win situation to maximize my portfolio.
–Patrick M.
Vice President, Mining Operations

I would like to thank the whole Rosen Group team for providing holistic planning rather than concentrating on selling products like my last advisor did. I have been a client for six years and with their proactive tax planning advice, as it relates to my investments, I actually got money back from the government.