Business Owners

We get it. We're entrepreneurs at heart, too, and we understand the challenges you have to overcome.

It takes a particular type of person to come up with an idea and turn it into a profitable and well-run company. Not just being able to trust your intuition, but knowing how to turn risk into reward. Late nights at the office, making weighty decisions, clearing the path for your employees to complete their daily tasks and achieve their goals. You are the trailblazer!

With your time being pulled in so many directions between your office and your family, your finances seem to end up on the back burner. You have a team of advisors, including accountants and lawyers who you pay well to manage this aspect of your life and as far as you can tell, everything seems to be running as smoothly as a fine tuned engine- or is it?

Do you have a plan designed to remove funds from your corporation virtually tax free? Would you like to take more of an income without paying more taxes? I encourage you to experience a tailor-made Rosen Group Corporate & Personal Financial Plan. By blending your two worlds together we will show you how to create a seamless and more tax efficient income strategy, an estate and succession plan as well as our Corporate Insured Retirement Program which will enable you to create a tax free stream of income later in your life -- only accessible to incorporated business owners.

Together we will create, implement and manage a plan focused on your personal goals. And we'll make the process as simple as we can.