Thanh Truong

Branch Administrator


Thanh Truong began her career in the financial services industry back in 1999 with bank-owned investment firms as Investment Advisor Assistant. Having amassed a great deal of knowledge in the financial services industry, Thanh joined Rosen Group Private Wealth Management as a licensed Branch Administrator, holding the Registered Representative designation.

Thanh brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in different areas of the industry, and a strong understanding of the fundamentals of financial planning, investment and wealth management, along with the ability to monitor investment trends, evaluate client portfolios and manage risk. She has proven to be an invaluable asset to our team in providing the day-to-day management of the clients’ portfolios and execution of their long-term financial road maps.

Thanh is a proud mother of three beautiful children and is a creative thinker who enjoys new experiences and prides herself on leading a healthy lifestyle.